Fort Morgan Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Fort Morgan, Colorado

organized June 28, 1909

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Colorado Society Daughters of the American Revolution
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Local Chapter Projects

  • Morgan County Cemetery Project
    Committee Chairmen: Nancy Mayer and Becki Molitor
    In an effort to preserve and document family and local history, the Morgan County Cemetery Project Committee has begun a huge endeavor to record all burials in Morgan County cemeteries. Ultimately the committee will create a website (linked to our chapterís website) for genealogists and family historians to access and find record of their ancestors. The first cemetery that will be completed will be Riverside Cemetery in Fort Morgan. To this date the committee has photographed approximately 3,300 stones.
  • John W. Iliff Memorial Sign Project
    Chairmen: Gina Rutz and Patty Ament (Elbridge Gerry Chapter)
    The purpose of this project is to commemorate John Iliff and his amazing accomplishments and the legacy he left in the West. Considered the ďCattle KingĒ, Iliff controlled 150,000 acres of land by owing 1,500 acres of waterholes. In the arid west, controlling the water equates to controlling the use of the land. The town of Iliff now sits at the site of his ranch headquarters which still has the water well his hired hands dug in the 1860ís. Working as the Iliff Postmaster, Susan Baughman learned through customers that few knew of John Iliff and she set out to preserve his memory with a historical marker. Gina Rutz and Patty Ament continue Susanís project and have raised over $7,000 of the projected $10,000 for a sign that will be placed by the Union Pacific Rails, where they loaded the cattle onto the train. The location of the sign will be along US 138, just outside Iliff, CO.
  • Our chapter has discovered that by just collecting and donating items they can do a lot of good for others. For several years we have been collecting and donating computer ink cartridges, Campbellís soup labels, Tyson Project A+ labels, General Mills box tops, used cell phones, pop cans, pop tops, cancelled stamps, Christmas cards and local grocery store receipts.
    • We donated the box tops, soup labels, cell phones, Tyson Project A+ labels, and ink cartridges to the Tamassee, Crossnore, Kate Duncan Smith, Hindman, Hillside, and Berry Schools. These items either raise funds or supplies for a school. Funds are raised from the sale of the cans and donated to the various schools. Every December members of the chapter go shopping and buy complete outfits for boys and girls of varying ages. The clothes are donated to Tamassee and Crossnore Schools for the neglected children they take in to their schools.
    • We donate the same items to the Indian Schools of Bacone and Chemawa. Members of our chapter donated ski pants, coats, and blankets to a reservation this winter. One member from our chapter speaks to grade school children about Native American History in classes given at the local library.
    • Receipts are collected from our local grocery store and donated to the local Head Start program. For every $100,000.00 of receipts the program will receive $1,000.00. They always seem happy to see us.
    • The pop tops, Christmas cards, and stamps are donated to the American Veterans. The stamps and cards are used to make Christmas ornaments by the disabled veterans. This provides eye hand coordination therapy for them and then they sell them for fundraising. The pop tops are donated to the Fisher House in Denver, Colorado next to the Veterans Hospital. Funds raised by the sale of the pop tops helps pay for the supplies needed to run the hospitality house for the veteransí families.
  • Our chapter is lucky to have a very dedicated DAR Service for Veterans Chairman, Peggy Lindsey. Every year Peggy Lindsey drives in excess of 8,000 miles, taking her more than 200 hours, to take disabled veterans from Northeast Colorado to their medical appointments at Denverís VA facilities. She has been doing this for several years. This year our chapter nominated her for the DAR Veterans Volunteer of the Year Award for 2009. We were all very pleased when she won. She will receive her award at the Colorado State Society DAR Conference in Denver on April 25, 2009.
  • Chapter member Becki Molitor coordinated the DAR Scholarship program, the History Essay contest and the Good Citizens Essay contest for our chapter. There was a luncheon to honor the winners with certificates, medals and monetary awards. The winners will go on and compete at the state level.
  • Chapter member Gina Rutz has been the Colorado State Scholarship Chairman for two years. She has won an award for her Division level report. Gina wrote the chapterís letter of recommendation for an applicant for the Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Fund.
  • Chapter member Susan Baughman has been elected the Colorado State Society Corresponding Secretary for the next two years. This is quite an honor and the chapter is very proud of her.
  • June 28, 2009 was our chapter 100th anniversary of its founding. A luncheon was held on June 27th at the Fort Morgan Country Steak Out Restaurant with a Glenn Miller band and theme. The chapter spent a year preparing for this event. Chapter member Marion Robertson compiled a book on the History of Fort Morgan and our DAR chapter. On August 22, 2009 the chapter hosted the 13 Chapter Luncheon at the Fort Morgan Military Museum. This was a part of the 100th anniversary celebration. The program was a fashion show of military uniforms throughout our nationís history.
  • We marked the headstone of a DAR member. Click here for a photo of this and other events.
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