Our Patriots

The following are the patriot ancestors of the current members of The Fort Morgan Chapter NSDAR. American Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

If you have information that one of your ancestors may have aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our chapter, or have any questions, please email the Fort Morgan Chapter Registrar.

Abel Allen, Jr. - New Hampshire - Private

Birth 11-15-1756 Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Death 2-5-1837 Surry, Cheshire Co, New Hampshire

Married Susanna Wilbur

He was a soldier who marched from Walpole N. H., and was in the battle of Bennington (Lineage Book – National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 31, by the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1900)

Peter Babb - Virginia - Captain

Birth Circa 1735 Orange Co, Virginia

Death Ante 12 – 1820 Frederick Co, Virginia

Married Mary Bowen

He qualified as a Captain in the Army, 1st VA Militia on November 5, 1776 and served as Captain until June 1777.  In March 1777 his company was sent to Fort Pitt (Pittsburg) to relieve the 12th Virginia regiment which was then free to join General George Washington in New Jersey. During their three-month tour of duty, the militiamen spent their time between Fort Pitt and Wheeling in frequent skirmishes with the Indians.

John Combs - Virginia - Private

Birth 2-7-1761 Frederick Co, Virginia
Death 4-27-1848 Washington Co, Kentucky
Married Margaret
Capts Jonathan Langdon, Benjamin Casey, Col James Wood

Christopher Cunningham - North Carolina - Patriotic Service

Birth Circa 1720 Spotsylvania Co, Virginia
Death Post 11-10-1782 Washington Co, North Carolina
Married Susannah Patton and Mary Musgroves

Signed the Watauga Petition, 1776; Took Oath of Allegiance, Washington Co, 1778

James Edgar - Virginia - Private

Birth Circa 1744

Death Ante 8 – 1812 Bedford Co, Virginia

Married Mary Mason and Pheby Wright

Furnished Supplies

Samuel Elliott - Pennsylvania - Captain

Birch 1751 Ireland

Death 5-24-1831 Newark, Licking Co, Ohio

Married Mary Campbell

He enlisted in 1776 in Capt. John Boyd’s Co of Militia in Col. Thomas Porter’s Battalion, Lancaster Co, PA

In 1777 he made Lieutenant

On December 29, 1781, he made Captain of the 2nd Co. 5th Battalion, Lancaster Co., PA Militia


Thomas Gillam - South Carolina - Civil Service

Birth Circa 1710 Ireland

Death Post 1790 Camden Dist, South Carolina

Married Mary Meade and Margaret Campbell


Oliver Grant - Connecticut - Captain

Birth 7-18-1729 Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut

Death 5-22-1798 Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut

Married Anna Borodel Billings

Town Treasurer; Member of Committee

Nicholas Hewitt - Maryland - Private

Birth 1751 Berks Co, Pennsylvania

Death 5-30-1835 Huntingdon Co, Pennsylvania

Married Elizabeth Gerhart

Served as a Private in Captain Adam Ott’s Company, Militia of Washington County, Maryland.  His company was part of General Washington’s force which occupied Valley Forge during the memorable winter; as a result of the hardships then endured, he was afflicted with rheumatism.

Last name has been spelled several ways during his life:  Huyatt, Huet and Hewit.

Eliphalet Kellogg -- New York - Private

Birth Circa 1740 Norwalk, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

Death Post 1800 Ballston, Saratoga Co, New York

Married Sarah Brown

He served in Captain Job Wright’s Company, Lieutenant Colonel Marinus Willett’s regiment of Levies.  He also served in Lieutenant John Van Vranoken Company, Colonel Jacobus Van Schoonhoven’s regiment, Albany County Militia.

Elijah Lester - Connecticut - Private

Birth 5-26-1753 Preston, New London Co, Connecticut

Married Damaris Lord

He served in Captain Joseph Bordman’s Company in the 8th Regiment of Militia from the State of Connecticut, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Smith.

He entered on September 8, 1776 and was discharged November 9, 1776 serving only 2 months.

Abel Marsh - Vermont - Captain

Birth 1735 Lebanon, Windham Co, Connecticut

Death 10-19-1822 Norwich, Windsor Co, Vermont

Married Dorothy Udall

Led Troops who conveyed flour for use of the Northern Army, 1777

Dewalt Mechlin - Pennsylvania - Ensign

Birth 11-11-1731 Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania

Death 3-29-1816 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania

Married Sabilla Kohler

8th PA Regt, Continental Line, 1777, Col Aeneas Mackey, Lcol Daniel Brohead

David Mitchell - Pennsylvania - Private

Birth 6-10-1737 Scotland

Death 6-10-1817 Milford, Greene Co, Ohio

Married Margaret Mitchell

Capt James Morrison

Marshfield Parsons - Connecticut - Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service

Birth 2-7-1733 Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut

Death 6-13-1813 Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut

Married Lois Wait, Abigail Marvin, Abigail Waterman, Phebe Griffin

3rd Regt, CT Militia; Deputy of Freemen for Lyme, 1776, 1780, 1781; Mem of Committees to / Raise Relief for Boston, 1775 & Pay Soldiers, 1778 & Recruit Soldiers, 1781

Zachariah Petty - Virginia - Patriotic Service

Birth Circa 1750 Culpeper Co, Virginia

Death Ante 10-21-1799 Culpeper Co, Virginia

Married Elizabeth Marshall

Furnished Supplies


William Powers - New York - Private

Baptized 12-15-1745 Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut

Death 4-8-1796 Columbia Co, NY

Married Rhoda Dean

17th Regiment, Albany County Militia, Doctor

Jonathan Presler - New York - Private

Birth Circa 1750

Death 12-10-1846 Ontario Co, New York


Capt Deyo, Col Hornbeck

Matthew Riddell - Pennsylvania - Private

Birth 11-26-1743 Ballyblack Co, Downs, Ireland
Death 11-26-1820 Scrubgrass Twp, Venango Co, Pennsylvania
Married Elizabeth Gilkey

Cumberland Co Militia, Capt James Young, LCol James Johston, Col Abraham Smith

Levi Springer - Virginia, Pennsylvania - Private Patriotic Service

Birth 5-4-1744 Burlington, Burlington Co, New Jersey

Death 3-26-1823 Uniontown, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania

Married Annie Gaddis and Sarah Shepherd Duke

10th VA Regt, Continental Line, Capt John Syme, Col Edward Stevens, 1776-1777 / Furnished Sub for Crawford Expedition, 1782; Suffered Depredation, 1783

John Adam Stevens - Pennsylvania - Captain

Birth C 1736 Germany
Death A 6-12-1822 Union Co, Pennsylvania
Married Agnes Pfrang

Northampton Co Militia, Col George Hubner, Capt Jacob Waggoner

Benjamin Todd - North Carolina - Private

Birth 1759 Northampton Co, Pennsylvania

Death Ante 2-6-1856 Rutherford Co, Tennessee

Married Margaret Barkley

Capts Cole, Davis, Foss / Cols Lock, Grimes

Jabez Tuttle - Connecticut - Private

Birth 6-22-1732 New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Death 10-4-1777 Germantown, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania

Married Hannah Scoville

8th Regt, Capt Theophilus Munson, Col John Chandler

Sarah Martin Tyonaganegen - New York - Patriotic Service

Birth C 1738 New York
Death 5—1833 Madison Co, New York
Married Honyere Tewahangarahken

Assisted Soldier at the Battle of Oriskany

Michael Umberger - Pennsylvania - Patriotic Service

Birth C 1718 Germany
Death A 4-30-1788 Lebanon Twp, Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania
Signed Oath of Fidelity, Lancaster Co

Robert Willis - Pennsylvania - Private

Birth Circa 1750 Scotland

Death 3 – 1830 Belmont Co, Ohio

Married Sarah Gibson, X Davis, and Sarah X

Westmoreland Co, Militia

John Wright - Virginia - Soldier

Birth Ante 1735 Virginia

Death 12-20-1814 Bedford Co, Virginia

Married Mary Pace

Capt I Trigg, Bedford Co Militia


John Wyatt - Virginia - Private

Birth 6-4-1748 London, England
Death 6-17-1833 Milroy, Rush Co, Indiana
Married Susan Summit

Capts Crockett, Stead, Campbell; Cols Bowman, Heath